Kumho Launches New Self-Sealing Tire

Not many things grind your day to a halt like getting a flat tire. The few times I’ve gotten one, it sent my stress level from 0 to 60 in no time… flat. So imagine my excitement when I read that Kumho was launching South Korea’s first self-sealing tire.

Unlike normal run-flat tires, which let you to keep driving slowly but will still require repair or replacement, Kumho’s new tire automatically repairs itself when punctured. A gel inside the tire fills in the damaged area to prevent pressure loss, and the tire can continue to be used as normal.

Some other tire manufacturers also have self-sealing tires (like Continental’s ContiSeal), but Kumho’s new tire is the first of its kind in the South Korean market.

Learn more about it at kumhotire.com.

So when’s the last time you got a flat tire? Do you wish it would have simply fixed itself?