Learning about Tires

RightTurn is proud to present Kristina, our new intern! Read her posts each Wednesday to follow her as she learns about tires and their impact on performance and safety.
— Jenn.

My first day as a RightTurn intern, I learned more about tires than I ever knew was possible (and also discovered that I still had quite a ways to go). Luckily for me, I’m in the perfect place to pass this information along to you. So, for any tire novices out there, never fear, Kristina is here!

One of the first things I learned from the tire experts is that there is a lot more that goes into choosing tires than just the size. I’d always thought you just figured out what size tire you needed and then found the cheapest option. In actuality, many variables influence which tires will be right for your vehicle: typical driving speed, the levels of snow and rain in your area, and how frequently you drive. There are also different kinds of tires — performance, all-season, and winter, to name a few.

Next, I learned that manufacturers have specifications and standards for tires, meaning that certain tires are better for your vehicle than others. Though I had never thought of this before, it really does make sense, for your tires really are an extension of your vehicle, affecting its handling, performance, and safety.

Though these two lessons seem pretty basic, understanding the fundamentals of tires and tire buying is key to moving forward and learning more — and trust me, there’s a lot more interesting and useful bits of information to come!