Let’s Create Summer Cars!

One thing I love about summer is driving. Because everything I end up doing with my friends and family usually involves driving to get there. And who complains about perfect driving weather? I would hope no one. So when you get ready to go out and do something fun, make sure you have this summer’s hottest must-haves for your car to make summer activities as best as possible — and turn your cars into summer cars!

Roof rack

With a roof rack, you can take your belongings to every imaginable summer event. Whether you’re meeting at a family reunion, taking a camping trip with your significant other, or just traveling across the country to move to Wyoming. You’ll have everything you need right there with you, enabling plenty of room for comfort inside your car. With the right rack, you could hold your bikes, your skis (winter or summer), canoes, kayaks, and surfboards. All of these fun summer activities will be much more enjoyable if you have the right equipment. And if you love summer, the right accessories are a must-have for 2016 and beyond.


Have you noticed that there are cameras everywhere nowadays? For the best summer ever, the benefits of a GoPro® are two-fold. You can mount it on your windshield for safety or to casually catch natural phenomena (the occasional meteor shower, etc.). What happens, though, once you arrive to your destination, dismount it and record you and your friends surfing, biking, or doing any other fun summer activity. Designed to endure the adventures of skydivers and snowboarders, the GoPro camera is more than capable of acting as a dash cam when your wheels are on the ground. Speaking of which….

New tires

When people check to see if they have everything prepared and ready to go when leaving the house, rarely do people examine their tires. But let’s be honest, what fun are all the activities listed here if you can’t get where you’re going? This summer, there are plenty of reasons why new tires are on this summer’s must-have list. And here’s why:

  • Tread depth

If your tread is low, that means light rain or tight corners could mean less grip and increased hydroplaning. You can easily check with a tread depth gauge or by the penny or quarter test.

  • Tire pressure

Most drivers don’t properly check their tire pressure or even know what the recommended pressure is (hint: it’s in your owner’s manual or on the driver’s side door jamb!). It only takes a few minutes, and the right pressure can help avoid suffering a blowout, rim damage, and can help you get better gas mileage.

  • Rotate your tires

Proper tire rotation can help lengthen the life of your tires. If you’re not sure when to rotate, check in your owner’s manual or consult with your dealership service department. Your rotation schedule might differ depending on your vehicle model and driving distance/habits. But in the long run (drive), properly rotating your tires can help you avoid problems with wheel alignment and balance that affect your treadwear.

New tires are the absolute must-have for this summer. Now you can get to where you want to go safely and ready for action. Or inaction if beach bumming is part of your summer plan.