Make Your Summer Joyride a Safe Ride

Summer is so close you can literally feel it. The weather is just beginning to gain enough strength to kick old man winter out the door. And that means riding around with the radio up and the windows down. If you’re looking forward to taking your sports car out this summer and hitting the open road, you clearly value precision and handling rather than an easier, laid back ride.

But just because you have the car, that doesn’t mean you have the tires. If you’re riding on tires that don’t measure up to the capabilities of your vehicle, you could be spending your time in a tow truck instead of taking your own summer joyride. Before you slide those leather driving gloves on, make sure you have tires recommended for fast highway driving and crisp cornering.

Performance Tires

Not intended for driving in cold weather or snowy conditions, performance tires have a lower profile with higher speed ratings, allowing your vehicle to get off the mark quickly, easily handle each and every curve, and stop on a dime. Goodyear Eagle #1 NASCAR tires are a great example of a street tire that enhances vehicle performance in areas that include handling, cornering, efficient braking, steering stability, and safer panic stops. These tires have a super sporty look with white lettering and the NASCAR logo. Truly a head turner when you take ‘em off the line as the light turns green.



Speed Ratings

The speed rating provides a number to match the speed capability of the tires with the speed capability of the vehicle you’re driving. The process of determining speed ratings gets very complicated, so essentially it boils down to the fact that they don’t affect your performance, they just measure it so you know the top speed your tires can safely handle.

Your sports car profits from the improved handling, maneuverability, and enhanced traction that performance tires offer.

Features and benefits of performance tires:

  • Soft rubber construction for tighter turns and shorter stops
  • All-season tread design for excellent wet and dry traction
  • Lower profile for stiffer sidewalls, allowing responsive handling and quick maneuvering

No matter what kind of sports car you have, you need to transmit every benefit it offers through the tires. What’s your favorite performance tire? Tell us in the comments section!