National Selfie Day


After learning that June 21 is National Selfie Day, we got to thinking about all the awesome selfies that are possible with cars—especially the famous, one-of-a-kind vehicles that you might see cruising the streets of Los Angeles or Manhattan. But then we also thought of the dangers of selfies when cars are involved. Here’s our thought process.

Selfie-Worthy Automobiles and Their Stars

It’s no secret that celebrities have the best cars. If we were going to take a selfie with an automobile of our choice, we’d probably go with one of the following stars’ cars.

The Weeknd’s McLaren P1

Recent chart-topping star The Weeknd seems to have a love affair with his shiny red McLaren P1 that rivals his current relationship with Selena Gomez. The singer even appeared with this favorite car in his hit ‘Starboy.’

We’re a bit curious about whether The Weeknd has introduced his pop singer girlfriend to the other beauty in his life. There don’t seem to be any photos or selfies out there of the three of them together, so perhaps the stars’ feelings for each other haven’t quite reached that level. Meanwhile, he’s had a real-life panther in the passenger seat, so we’d definitely like to get a selfie with such a legendary vehicle.

Beyoncé’s 1959 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II

This convertible has been Beyoncé Knowles-Carter’s most cherished automobile since her husband, Jay Z, gifted it to her a decade ago. The pop phenomenon has had numerous photoshoots with the baby blue roadster since then. However, the photo ops may dwindle for this car now that the family has grown to five—it’ll be a tight fit with three kids in the backseat.

Conan O’Brien’s 1992 Ford Taurus SHO

Not every celebrity has a super photogenic favorite car, and we find that fact so endearing that we’d take the shot anyway. Conan O’Brien can’t bring himself to part with the first car that took him to his role as host of his famed late-night comedy show. When he’s not cracking jokes about selfie sticks, O’Brien’s nostalgia shows through with his 1992 Ford Taurus Super-high Output (SHO). Often covered with a layer of dust in his driveway or garage anymore, this car has more than earned that privilege.

Selfie Rules for Selfies That Rule

In case you ever come across a celebrity driving his or her iconic automobile (perhaps during a weekend trip to Vegas), you might want to know how to take a good selfie first. In those moments, you’ll probably have just the one chance to snap the perfect selfie as proof of you being in the same place as your idol. Of course, these rules also apply when you’re taking solo or scenic selfies.

Don’t Take Dangerous Selfies

You wouldn’t want to be responsible for causing the selfie accident that damaged your hero’s car, now, would you?

The no. 1 rule of selfie etiquette is to avoid ever taking a picture in a dangerous situation. A driving selfie is a prime example of what not to do. Even if you see Jennifer Lopez in one of her dozens of high-end cars and SUVs sitting at the stoplight next to you, just don’t do it.

On a related note, JLo and Leah Remini shared a car selfie in 2014 after being rear-ended by a drunk driver.

Even if there’s no traffic, like in the following Instagram user’s car selfie, you can still get into an accident. This man doesn’t have a solid grip on his steering wheel, so if an animal darts in front of his vehicle, it could make him lose control and crash.

It follows that taking selfies while driving in heavy traffic can be even more perilous. You can see in the reflection of this next guy’s sunglasses that he’s stopped in a traffic jam. Besides potentially angering other motorists by not being as responsive to the stop-and-go patterns, this behavior could lead to some hefty fines in many states with cell phone driving bans.

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Find Your Best Selfie Light

When trying to fit yourself, your role model, and his or her car into a single shot, some assistance can come in handy. In this case, even the selfie stick may come up short.

The best amateur paparazzo would keep a selfie tripod with remote in the trunk for these types of occasions. This way, you can get the shot with the proper lighting and angle and still keep your distance. After all, you never know how a celebrity may react after too many close encounters with selfie snappers.

Keep Good Company

If you absolutely must share what you’re looking like behind the wheel, get yourself a friend who won’t mind snapping a few candid car selfies en route. Then, in the unlikely event that Brad Pitt pulls alongside your car in his BMW Hydrogen 7, your buddy can capture his vapor trail on camera while you keep your eyes on the road.

No posing while driving, though! Each second that you spend worrying about how your hair looks could be the moment that you don’t see that emergency vehicle barreling toward you.

Most of us don’t live somewhere with frequent celebrity sightings, but selfie safety remains an important point no matter what the scenario. Even if you’re stuck at work all day and not going anywhere special, we hope that you’ll get some great shots this Selfie Day!