National Tire Safety Week

When you’re in the tire business like RightTurn is, you’re also in the safety business. That’s why we go to great lengths to educate our readers and customers on safety. Right now through June 8 is a particularly good time to talk about tire safety. That’s because it’s the Rubber Manufacturers Association’s (RMA) National Tire Safety Week.

Why have a National Tire Safety Week? Well, tires are the only parts of a passenger vehicle that actually touch the road. All of a vehicle’s safety and performance transfer from the vehicle to the road through the tires. For that reason, it’s important to bring awareness to the many safety issues regarding tires.

About the RMA

Founded in 1915, the RMA is the national trade association for US tire manufacturers. The RMA has grown to be an excellent source of information for its various members and for the general public. On the RMA website, you can find a great deal of safety resources and educational materials about tires. You can even order a free National Tire Safety Week kit.

About National Tire Safety Week

For this year’s National Tire Safety Week, the RMA website has everything from brochures that explain how to perform basic tire maintenance to tire safety quizzes. (No big deal, but I got a 100%. What did you get?) If you want to delve even deeper into the world of tires, you can find out how tires are made and what’s inside a tire.

There are some pretty shocking statistics on the National Tire Safety Week website. For example, “fewer than half of all drivers check the condition of their tires on a regular basis.” That gives you an idea of why it’s so smart to take some time to learn about your tires and how to help maximize their safety benefits.

RightTurn & National Tire Safety Week

Here at RightTurn, we’re supporting National Tire Safety Week by bringing you some important facts and simple tire maintenance instructions. Visit our Facebook page and like us to get tire safety facts every day this week. Be sure to share the info with your friends and loved ones. Remember, sharing is caring! (No seriously, it is. Especially when you share something that can help make someone’s life safer.)