Need a plow? There’s an app for that.

There’s a new app in town, and it’s called Plowz. The makers of the app call it “A Wintertime Chore Made Easy.” Bloomberg calls it “Uber for Snowplows”.

Me? I just think of Plowz, and its companion app Mowz (I’ll give you one guess… yeah, it’s like Uber for lawnmowers), are the latest examples of how apps are connecting people willing to do some sort of drudgery with people who aren’t as willing.

Shovel your own driveway? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

How does Plowz work?

Not unlike the latest ride-sharing apps, Plowz attracts two groups of people: those who hate dealing with their own snowy driveway, and those with heavy-duty trucks equipped with plows who want to make some extra cash.

Plowz is made for occasional, on-demand plowing needs, and it includes basic snow plowing of a driveway—no sidewalks, shoveling, salting, etc.

What does Plowz cost?

The app itself is free. And a one-time service costs anywhere from $25 to $45 depending on driveway length. Plow drivers keep 70% of that fee, and the other 30% goes to Plowz. The app does give you a free quote so you can see up front how much your laziness will cost you.

But in all honesty, Plowz also seems perfect for older or less mobile relatives who you want to help but can’t spare the time. You can also schedule service for friends and family members.

Ready to try Plowz out?

Got a ton of snow you don’t wanna deal with? Download the Plowz app. Got a big ol’ truck and plow and wanna make some extra dough? Sign up to be a plow provider.

Already tried Plowz? Share your experience in the comments!