NY to LA on One Gallon of Gas

Less than one gallon, actually. That’s how much gas it would take the vehicle that won Shell’s annual competition for energy-efficient vehicles to travel from New York to Los Angeles. It achieved a mind-blowing fuel efficiency of 2,824 miles per gallon.

The Eco-marathon Americas competition was held in Houston, and this the second win in a row for Quebec’s Université Laval. Even though the team one, they didn’t come close to their 3,587 MPG achievement from last year.

The shapes of all of these highly fuel-efficient vehicles are fascinating: tear drops, flying saucers, torpedoes. They’d certainly stand out if you saw them on the road. But those days aren’t anywhere near: apparently these vehicles accomplish such lofty fuel efficiencies at the cost of everyday safety and speed. You know, things that aren’t exactly worth sacrificing just for the sake of spending less at the pump.

Read more and check out the spacey vehicle designs here. What’s your favorite?