Own a Discontinued Vehicle? Read This.

Not too long ago, back when I was in middle school, Hummers were the car to have. I remember thinking the first time I went with my friend and her dad in their Hummer that anyone passing by might think that my family was the one with the sweet car. But eventually times changed and soon Hummers weren’t so hot anymore. In fact, following the recession beginning in 2007, Hummer (along with Saturn, Saab, and Pontiac) was discontinued. This left me wondering…what about all the people who still drive these kinds of cars today? Do they have trouble finding parts when something goes wrong? Are there other issues they encounter? Curious, I decided to investigate.

While Hummers, Saturns, Saabs, and Pontiacs aren’t made by GM any longer, there are still plenty of people who drive these cars today. Naturally after the dissolution of these GM brands, many car owners had worries about whether they would be able to get parts and warranty service for their now discontinued cars. As it turns out, there are a variety of options for these car owners when it comes to parts and servicing.

For starters, it is actually required by law that automakers supply parts for vehicles throughout the full length of warranty for the vehicle—for many GM vehicles this can be up to 5 years! Plus, many automakers continue to make parts even after the warranty period has expired, as it is a good way for the automaker to make money. As a result, it usually does not cost more to get parts for discontinued cars than it did when the cars were still being produced. What’s more, often times discontinued cars can use parts that are made for vehicles that are currently being produced. Sometimes discontinued cars can actually use parts from completely different auto manufacturers. For example, when Isuzu was discontinued in 2009, some of its models were virtually the same as models from Chevrolet. As such, the Isuzus could easily be serviced at GM dealerships. Worst comes to worst, if there is a particular part that does become really hard to find, then chances are you can still find it on eBay!

Now, in terms of where to go to get the parts and warranty servicing done, discontinued Saturns, Saabs, Hummers, and Pontiacs can be taken to GM dealerships for its other car brands and receive servicing there. To do this is easier for some of the car brands than for others. For example, Pontiacs were usually sold at dealerships where Buicks were sold. As Buicks were not discontinued, Pontiac owners can easily take their cars to Buick dealerships. Owners of other vehicles, such as Saturns, may experience more difficulty in finding a GM dealership that will service their car; however it definitely can be done.

Do any of you have a Pontiac, Saturn, Saab, or Hummer? If so, feel free to share about your experiences with parts and servicing for your vehicle!