How to Hold the Steering Wheel; Keep Those Hands at 9 and 3

When you get behind the wheel of your vehicle, are you a hooker? No, it’s not what you think! A hooker is someone who hooks his hand up under the top of the steering wheel, like in the photo above. This is a bad habit to get into because it severely limits your range of motion and steering control, allowing you to move the steering wheel only a quarter of … Continue reading

Sharing the Road with Big Rigs

If you ever get a little nervous when driving a vehicle, you may have vehophobia, or fear of driving. If driving a two ton vehicle is unsettling, imagine what it must be like for a truck driver who’s steering a 40-ton, 18-wheeled big rig. Add in the other difficulties that go with the job, and it’s no wonder that a trucker’s life can be so stressful. One of the biggest stresses … Continue reading

Hybrid vs. Electric Cars

Whether you’re hoping to save the environment or just some green for your wallet, you’ve probably thought about hybrid and electric vehicles. You likely have a lot of questions about the differences between these two types of eco-friendly automobiles. We have some answers. Let’s Talk Range Electric It’s true that you can plug in to any regular, grounded outlet and charge your electric vehicle, or EV, overnight. As long as … Continue reading

Concept Tires of the Future

Hankook Tire Co. is giving us a glimpse regarding tires of the future. At the 2017 International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) in Seoul Korea, Hankook presented some outrageous and fantastical tire designs for the future. Tires have been getting more dynamic and technologically enhanced year after year with scientific approaches that improve elements from winter traction to lowering your overall cost on gasoline. But Hankook is thinking bigger by tackling what steps … Continue reading

A Bride’s Guide to Insuring Her Ride

September and October are the most popular months for weddings in the U.S. also among the worst months for vehicle accidents. A coincidence? Likely so. As we head into the dog days of summer, thousands of brides-to-be will be busy going over last-minute details for their fall weddings. And while most of the items on a wedding checklist have big dollar signs attached to them, there’s one money-saving item that should be … Continue reading

Is Your Car Ready for Summer?

If you plan on taking a couple summer road trips, then you’ll need to get your car maintenance sorted out first. You don’t want to need emergency auto repair in the middle of the Nowheresville. Sitcoms may thrive on that kind of drama, but you’ve got better things to do.   Help your engine keep its cool. An inefficient engine can wreak havoc on your travel plans. Here are a … Continue reading

Firestone tires

Brand Spotlight: Firestone

The Foundations What made Akron, Ohio so popular for tires? Why is it “The Rubber Capital of the World?” I can’t really say, but just a short time after Goodyear planted its roots there, The Firestone Tire & Rubber Company set up shop in the small city too. It was 1900, and Harvey Firestone, an early automotive enthusiast, saw an opportunity to make the auto industry better. From the beginning, … Continue reading

RightTurn’s Road Trip Destinations Series: Virginia

This 4th of July, RightTurn would like to invite you to put some USA in your Great American Road Trip! If you’re looking for things to do on the 4th of July, Virginia is in center of the American Independence discussion since it’s where much of the founding fathers’ work took place. Nicknamed the “Mother of Presidents,” Virginia has birthed 8 U.S. presidents, so you know when it comes to … Continue reading

Quiz: How Bad of a Backseat Driver Are You?

Is backseat driving dangerous, or is it just a nuisance? Sometimes, the more eyes on the road, the better. But other times, backseat driver distractions can add up to cause car accidents. So, are you a backseat driver? And, no, we don’t mean literally driving from the backseat, though we’ve seen that happen, too. Take our five-question quiz below to find out! Instead of telling everyone else how to drive, … Continue reading

Be Prepared to Fix Your Flat Tire

Do you know how to fix a flat tire? AAA found that 1 in 5 drivers do not know how to change a flat tire. With 210 million licensed drivers in the U.S., that means 42 million people are unaware of the process to get back on the road again, leaving those unprepared to be rescued by some roadside assistance. So don’t let a flat tire leave you feeling flat. … Continue reading