Pirelli Quiets Down Tires from Inside

There’s nothing new about tire companies offering tires with a “smooth, quiet ride.” Many passenger tires fit this bill today. Many tire makers have proprietary technologies to deal with the noise from vibrations caused by the tire tread pattern rolling against the road — and they work.

But one tire maker is taking this a step further to address customer demand for a quiet ride and tightening European Union regulations on noise pollution. Pirelli developed the Pirelli Noise Cancelling System (PNCS) for use on certain Audi sports models that come with low-profile Pirelli tires. It quiets tires from within instead of relying only on the tread pattern.

How Does the PNCS Work?

Pirelli developed a quieter tire by adding a layer of polyurethane sponge to its innerliner. According to the manufacturer, this sponge absorbs about half of the noise that would be heard by passengers inside the car if normal tires were used.

What Kind of Tires Will Have PNCS?

Pirelli is keeping mum right now on which of its Pirelli tires will have PNCS in production. They did tell Tire Business that whichever tires are manufactured with the system will come with the letters PNCS on their sidewalls.

What Kind of Car Does PNCS Work On?

Pirelli is designing the noise cancelling system for Audi RS6 cars with 285/30ZR21 size tires and Audi RS7 vehicles with 275/30ZR21 tires. These cars are fast, and they come with low profile Pirelli tires. Even the quietest tread pattern can produce more noise that is desired by most passengers and drivers. That’s what makes the PNCS special.