Do You Have the Right Tires for Your Hobbies?

It’s easy to forget about buying the right tires when all you want to do is get up on a Saturday after a long week of work to go out and do what you love.

But if your hobbies are dependent on driving, then you should make sure you’ve got the right rubber underneath you. Outdoor activities that involve getting out there to be with nature mean pretty much one thing: getting away from the daily grind. So are your tires coming along for the ride, or are they dictating it?

Four-Wheel Drive

Some believe their four-wheel drive (4WD) does just fine. Not so fast. Say you’re an outdoorsperson and take your car or truck out and hit rough terrain for a full day of fishing, camping, or winter activities. 4WD is a nice thing to have, but only takes you so far. Your tires are what make the difference on untrustworthy terrain. 4WD does not make you invincible or prevent you from getting stuck. It simply means that the power is distributed between front and rear wheels. So when your tires are uneven, the power gets re-directed to the tire with the least amount of grip. Essentially, 4WD only powers two wheels: the one that needs it most in the front, and the one that needs it most in the back.

Load Rating is NOT Just Another Number

When looking to buy tires, not many people consider their hobbies or the many numbers and letters that are stamped on the side of a tire. People tend to look at price and maybe sometimes skimp on something like load rating. But if your hobbies involve piling the whole family in the car with suitcases, camping equipment, hunting gear, coolers full of food, or towing something enormous, then it’d be wise to consider how much load your tires can handle. It’s easy to believe that the car is the thing bearing the weight. But where does all that weight fall? It falls on the only points of contact with the road: your tires.

So whether you’re boating, camping, off-road driving, track racing, hunting, or snowmobiling, when replacing tires, consider that the right tires make the difference for 4WD and ALWAYS meet or exceed the factory recommendations for load rating.

What kind of hobbies do you have? Tell us in the comments below!