RightTurn’s 1st Birthday

It’s hard to believe that I have now been interning with RightTurn for a little over 2 months! From learning about tires to gaining experience in the work world to meeting some amazing people, this has truly been an awesome experience. Also, lucky for me, I came to RightTurn at a very exciting time, for we’re coming up on RightTurn’s 1st birthday!

In honor of this special occasion, RightTurn will be hosting a sweepstakes on Twitter. The official birthday of RightTurn is August 20, but we’ll be kicking off our celebration on August 14 — and you’re invited! Every day August 14–20, we’ll be giving away some awesome prizes.

Our Grand Prize Birthday Package includes a car detailing, $100 gas card, and t-shirt. Plus, in our daily giveaway, you can win yourself some RightTurn swag. To enter, simply follow @RightTurnNow on Twitter, and Retweet daily any #RightTurnBDay Tweets. Entries accumulate, so the more days you Retweet, the greater your chance of winning the Grand Prize. To learn more about the sweepstakes, click here.

To kick off the celebration, I thought it’d be fun to share a few stories from some of the other RightTurn bloggers, highlighting their favorite moments of working with RightTurn. Enjoy!

I can’t believe it’s been an entire year since RightTurn first launched. It’s been an exciting ride for sure. I think my favorite memory in the last year is of RightTurn’s First Christmas. We brought in adorable kids and told them they were getting a great gift. Only it was a tire. Honestly, we expected the kids to be so disappointed that they’d throw a fit — but they didn’t. They were a little surprised, sure, but they rolled with it (get it?) I think this means that either the children of RightTurn employees are well behaved or maybe they already have an intrinsic appreciation for tires. (Or they didn’t know what the heck was going on.) Either way, you can see our fun little video here.

I remember the days leading up to the first day RightTurn went live online. We had big countdown clocks all over the office, and as they ticked closer and closer to zero, there was an energy around this place like I’ve never seen. It was nervous, excited, stressed out, and scared all at once. Kind of like when you’re getting fitted for your cap and gown for graduation day or about to sign the paperwork for your first car. There was so much possibility and so much anticipation in the air during those final days.
When the clock struck zero, nothing came to a shattering halt. No one really even skipped a beat. It was almost like we forgot to be nervous because we were working so hard to make everything perfect for our first customers. The first orders came in not long after that, and there were photos taken and emails sent. Then something even better happened. The reality of RightTurn being a website where people actually bought tires became normal. I’m so glad we’re online a year later and that we keep growing and learning about our customers every day. I’m even more glad that I’ve been here since the beginning to see this novelty flourish into a living, breathing reality.