RightTurn’s Road Trip Destinations Series: Colorado

This road trip is going to get a little rocky, so we’re giving a whole new meaning to the term rocky road. Colorado has everything: massive mountains, raging rivers, innovative cities, and most importantly great roads to drive on. If you’re in this almost perfectly square state, you’ll soon notice that there’s nothing square about it. Hop in and let’s ride for your Colorado road trip!

  1. Stanley Hotel – If you like movies, old things, and paranormal activity, then you’re in luck. In Estes Park, the Stanley Hotel opened in 1909 and is within a secluded mountain resort. Steven King and his wife spent a night in the hotel, which lent some ghostly inspiration for The Shining. Although they were the only people in the hotel, King never felt truly alone. You can tour the hotel and hunt for ghosts during the night. Best part? If you get too scared, you can just get in your car and peel out of there. Of course, if you’re familiar with the film and you’re there during winter, have your winter treads on — just in case.
  1. Blue Mustang – Now welcoming people to the Denver International Airport (which I’ll mention later), the mustang was created by Luis Jiménez. It’s nicknamed “Blucifer” and is considered to be cursed since it killed the artist after a portion of the 9,000-pound statue fell and severed one of his arteries. His sons finished the sculpture in a bright blue paint with neon red, glowing eyes.

The Denver International Airport itself is fairly suspect and many conspiracy theories have been thrown around including freemason talk, shape of the runways, underground bunkers, and odd murals. I know it’s not much of a road trip, but if you’re driving by, don’t stare into Blucifer’s eyes!


  1. Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater – 10 miles west of Denver, you’ll find Morrison, Colorado, and the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater. The park is located where the Great Plains lead up to the Rocky Mountains. The amphitheater is the only natural stage in the world with monoliths taller than Niagara Falls and 250 million years of development resulting in amazing acoustics, hosting acts from The Beatles to Dolly Parton. Acts have been taking this stage since 1906 and continue today. Red Rocks is an amazing place to experience contemporary things in a prehistoric perspective.
  1. Forney Transportation Museum – “Anything on wheels.” That was the intention of J.D. Forney when he started collecting vehicles for his museum. It all started with a gift from his family of the car he had when he first began dating his wife. From there, he had a vision and has collected vehicles including Amelia Earhart’s Roadster, one of the Herbies that got too banged up during filming, and an electric car from 1916! And since we’re in the wheel business, we suggest you use yours to motor on over to see the Forney Museum’s more than 500 exhibits for a time-traveling experience you’ll never forget.
  1. Desert Reef Hot Spring – After some long driving and sightseeing, anyone who’s anyone needs a rest. And what better source of relaxation than natural hot springs for your cramped up legs? The Desert Reef Hot Spring was exposed from an oil-drilling accident and has since been turned into a concrete pool with a fountain. The temperature can be adjusted since the water comes out of the ground at an astounding 133 degrees! The resort is family-friendly, but it’s also clothing-optional. So be ready to pump the brakes if you need to!

Not sure where we’ve been? You can always search “Road Trip Destinations Series” in the search bar at the top of the blog to find out. From horse statues to car museums, transportation is the name of the game for this road trip. Let us know what other spots you hit, unless you spend your entire time in the hot spring.