road trip quiz

What Kind of Road Warrior Are You? Take Our Road Trip Quiz!

Take our road trip quiz to find out what kind of road warrior you are. That’s right — Road. Warrior. That’s what I’m calling all of you who get into your car, van, SUV, CUV, truck, or whatever and drive in the name of vacation. Whether you’re venturing out on a family road trip or a solo jaunt, it’s a lot of work! Even when you want to head to the beach and do nothing, you still need to plan, pack, and travel.

I realize that answering a quiz about long car rides might not sound like can be hard for those of us who use traveling for different purposes. Sometimes I like the intellectual jaunt and other times, I just want to read a book on the beach. But, well, I have a child, so neither of those are possible right now. It’s sand castles all the way! (Happily, I might add.)

So don’t take this too seriously. Just answer the questions knowing where you are now and see what happens. Oh and don’t forget to check out all of our articles about various road trip destinations.