Sayonara, 2013

Wow. Was Christmas a blur or what? I can’t believe it’s already over (but that sure doesn’t mean I’m going to stop listening to Christmas music any time soon). And with that, 2013 will soon be a mere memory! Time for everyone to come up with their New Year’s Resolutions.

I myself am not a big resolution person. I’m not anti-resolution. Sure I ate too much this holiday season, unbuttoned my pants so I could fit more food into my belly once or twice, and fully plan on working off the extra calories… “tomorrow”. But weight loss resolutions are such a snoozefest to me. My spare tire ain’t too big, nothing a loose-fitting cardigan can’t hide until a couple weekends of snowboarding burn it off.

I could nerd out on you about all the “car and tire” resolutions you should make, like checking your tire pressure once a month or rotating your tires to help prevent uneven wear. Maybe it’s because I already do both of those things, but they seem more of a given than some lofty resolution you should strive for.

Nope, no navel-gazing or preachifying (a word I just learned) from me this year. My personal resolution for 2014 is just to enjoy the year.

How bout y’all—any good resolutions? Or thoughts on resolutions themselves? Or even better, what’s the best Christmas present you got this year?