School Bus Safety

Somehow, it’s already August and kids are getting ready to go back to school! Which means school buses will be ruining commutes everywhere. But despite all the traffic and stopping and starting, school buses do eliminate over 17 million cars from neighborhoods every single day, so it’s crucial to keep as safe as possible when on the road with such precious cargo.

School buses are the safest and most efficient way for kids to get to school. Understanding your state’s school bus laws is essential so you can practice safe driving. School bus safety laws vary by state. Some states allow you to pass a bus picking up schoolchildren if there are three or more lanes while others don’t. Basic rules remain the same for each and every driver follow, including:

  • Always make sure children are either safely on the bus or on the sidewalk before accelerating near a bus stop.
  • Use caution when yellow flashing lights appear, which indicate that the bus is about to stop to pick up or unload children.
  • Stop completely when the bus’s red flashing lights appear with the corresponding stop sign. Passing a bus with red flashing lights could not only be dangerous, but it can also result in hefty fines.

For young students, approaching and exiting the school bus is the greatest danger. There are plenty of tips for drivers that can enhance driving practices for school bus safety on the road. This time of year, you will see more children and buses on the streets. So slow down and watch out for children. Even if they’re just standing and waiting for the bus, kids can dart out into traffic without looking both ways. Use extra caution when school is in session and do your part to keep the roads safe!