Setting the Record Straight on 3 Common Car Service Myths

Pretty recently a friend of mine showed me this article from The Wall Street Journal that I thought would be absolutely perfect to share with you all here. The article takes a look at some of the most common myths related to car servicing and clarifies what’s true and what’s not. So, here goes:

1. Independent repair shops are always less expensive than dealer service departments. According to the article, more than half of consumers think that dealerships are always the most expensive option for repairs. As noted in the article, while some dealerships out there do charge more than an independent shop, this certainly is not true across the board. One reason that dealers (and some independent shops) can be little more costly than other options is that they use manufacturer-brand parts, which can cost more. But despite their higher costs, manufacturer-brand parts are often more reliable. In addition to finding manufacturer-brand parts at dealers, another good reason to go to dealers is that it may be required by your vehicle’s warranty terms that service and repairs be done at the dealer throughout the duration of the warranty.

2. Cars today are maintenance free. It is true that we have come a long way in advancing the technology and performance of our vehicles, but cars on the road today do still need regular maintenance and care. The maintenance that is necessary for your vehicle can vary greatly from that of another, so it is always important to check your owner’s manual to see what your recommended maintenance routine is. Following these guidelines in your owner’s manual will help keep you vehicle in good shape and avoid expensive repairs and servicing in the future!

3. Mechanics always push more work on owners to drive up repair bills. As with most things, there’s going to be a few bad apples out there, but in reality most service providers and service departments try to look out for their customers and give them good advice and the care they need. One way to combat any feelings of distrust you may have with your service provider is to read reviews of certified mechanics in your area to try and find a mechanic you can trust and with whom you can develop a relationship with.

So hopefully, if you believed any of these myths before, you now have a new perspective now. As always, feel free to share in the comments section!