songs for little kids

Songs for Little Kids — Kind of.

My daughter, like most kids, has always been attracted to music. From the moment I brought her home, I sang to her. As an infant, the surefire way to get her to nap was to put on Pink Floyd. And because I’ve always listened to music in the car, to play it for my daughter comes naturally. Plus, as a working mom, I enjoy every minute of interaction I can get, even if it’s just nodding our heads together.

So, yes, my 14-month-old daughter has a playlist. She even sings “up, up, up” in Kelly Clarkson’s Heartbeat Song. Now, admittedly, her options are determined by me, but she has some pretty strong opinions — and ways to let me know — what she likes and what she doesn’t. (I cannot, for the life of me, imagine where she gets her gumption from. Maybe her dad?)

Here, so far, are her favorites. More to come, I’m sure!