Spring Tires for Spring? Not Exactly

For folks who swap their tires throughout the year, you got your winter tires and you got your summer tires. So… what about the other two seasons?

There aren’t separate seasonal tires for spring and fall because summer tires are actually for more than just summer. They’re also called three-season tires.

Rather than think of winter and summer tires as season-specific, think of them as temperature-specific. You have your cold weather tires below 45°F, and warm weather tires for temps above that.

This also explains why a winter tire is more than just a “snow tire”. Even on dry roads, winter tires improve performance in frigid weather.

So no, there’s no such thing as spring tires. Sorry, spring! But let’s be real — you were a little late to the party. I mean, “summer” and “winter” have been words for more than 1000 years. Spring is only a few centuries old!

“I want good rain grip—don’t I want all-season tires instead of summer tires?”

If you’ve thought this, you’re not the first. It’s a common misconception, and it kinda makes sense that a tire designed for “everything” would be the best for rain.

But here’s the thing: “rain” isn’t a season. Summer tires actually tend provide better performance in wet driving conditions than all-season tires.

Not that there’s anything wrong with all-season tires, just that some of the features that make them usable in the winter have some tradeoffs that a dedicated summer tire doesn’t.

So what tires do I need?

Well, that’s kinda up to you.

If it’s never below 45°F where you live, you can use summer tires or all-season tires year-round.

If it’s never above 45°F, you have my deepest sympathies and you can use winter tires or all-season tires year-round.

If you experience all four seasons, you can use all-season tires year-round if you only want one set of tires. If you want the benefits of season-specific tires, you can use winter tires in cold weather, and all-season or summer tires in warm weather. Summer tires have some handing benefits but may not last as long.

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