Stand Out: Customize Your Tires

Today, you’re encouraged to be unique and to be an individual. Standing out in a crowd can be difficult, but custom tires can up your unique quotient. With a few simple additions to your wheels, you can make the quickest great first impression (depending on how fast you drive).

Just as every person has a unique personality, every car should too, including your wheels! Here are some unique ways to spice up your ride beyond the paint job, electronic features, and self-driving capabilities.

Color Me Bad

We’ve come a long way since the first wheel. Innovation for function keeps us interested, but so does innovation for style. Over the years, rims have gone through some fantastic changes and styles bordering on ridiculous and non-utilitarian. Like this “donk” you see below.


Customizing your rims is a great way to showcase your personality. Heck, even former basketball star (arguable) Latrell Sprewell had basketball sneakers with spinning rims on them.


With seemingly endless options, you can still stand out and truly be an individual. Even within the confines of rims, you can customize them with different colors and options for bolts, pinstripes, spokes, flanges, etc.

Make Your Tires Pop

You know exactly where to go to get custom tires that fit your vehicle perfectly for all your driving needs. But how on Earth do you make tires stand out? One way to let people know what tire you’re riding on is to have them clearly marked with tire stickers. Or you can even customize your own stickers to promote your racing team, city you were born in, or even your name. You choose your size and font and in no time, you’ve got personalized tires with permanent stickers that will last the lifetime of the tire. What better way to show who you are than to make your tires pop? Not literally — that wouldn’t be good.

Ride n’ Shine

Like something straight out of a futuristic movie, you can now have LED rim lights help you split darkness. Talk about an attention grabber and conversation starter. Once the sun goes down, you could be the talk of the town.

These lights are formed into a ring and can be inserted into your current rim. The LED lights illuminate your entire wheel and let people know you’re coming. With just enough style and a lot of innovation, you can show your personality with a combination of uniquely colored rim designs, tire stickers, and LED lights on your completely personalized wheels. 

Ice is Nice

Not exactly what we mean when we say you need winter tires. Lexus took three months to show they could make functional wheels out of blocks of ice in the form of their alloy wheel and Yokohama winter tire. You obviously don’t want to drive on these, but if nothing else, Lexus has style and they have the wheels to prove it.

Tells us, or better yet show us, what kind of personalized wheels or tires do you have?