Summer’s Best Cars!

Wait a minute! Summer isn’t over yet, folks. We still have plenty of sunshine left to hit the beach, have a picnic, or go for a drive. When it comes to summer driving, you can’t help but notice the best summer cars!

So if your summer wasn’t hot enough, these trendy cars will help heat things up.

Kia Soul

This boxy vehicle has what you need for anything summery. It has the space and comfort to pack for a day at the beach or take a road trip. There’s also plenty of room to just pile your friends in and go see a daylong street festival. With all the infotainment, it’s a Millennial’s dream. Base models start at under $16K, so you won’t have to sell your soul to get one (puns!). And with the right tires, you’ll stretch those dollars further than you ever thought possible.

Volkswagen GTI

By now, it’s no surprise. You’ve probably seen the commercials. Volkswagen’s GTI makes Car and Driver’s 10 Best list every year. And why not? It’s sporty, it’s fun, and it’s sexy. It’s like a sensible dinner but with a kick of sriracha. If you’re trying to cruise through summer, this might not be the car. With quick acceleration and stable handling, the only negative of driving this car is the traffic. But when the tires match the engine, you’ll be ready for fun late-summer driving!

Mazda MX-5 Miata

I remember once shopping for used cars when I was in high school and I saw a Miata and thought, “is this a real car?” I mean, the thing looked like a Matchbox®. It’s hard to not be a hot summer trendy pick when you also make the list of greatest comeback car ever. The roadster hasn’t changed too much, but some modifications improved the view (shorter hood allows for better vision around corners) and gear ratios give better midrange power and less shifting. Not to mention, Mazda is really tickling your nostalgic heartstrings with its Driving Matters campaign.


Jeep Renegade Soft Top

If your idea of summer is adventure, then you can take your journeys off the pavement with the Jeep Rubicon. With an aggressive and athletic design like this, you’d be doing it a disservice to keep it on the boring street. This monster is ready with advanced technology to drive on sand, mud, gravel, and even large boulders. Nothing says summer like driving to a secluded campsite where no other drivers are going to find you. That is, unless they have the right car and the right tires. And it’s summer. Get the soft top, peel it back, and enjoy the sun.

BMW M4 Convertible Coupe

I don’t have great hair, but if I did I’d get a convertible car any day. And if the wind doesn’t blow your hair back on the M4 Convertible Coupe, the turbocharged engine will help. Like any BMW, the handling is sharp and supreme. Not to mention you’ll be first off the line in just about any circumstance. Summer is all about fun and sun and in this ultimate driving machine, you’ll have bad hair days until the autumnal equinox.

These trendy cars for summer have got to keep you excited that we still have time to do the summer things we want before winter rolls in. So what’re you waiting for?! Hit the gas, people!