Sunday’s Best Automotive Ads

We all know who won the game, but which automaker had the best commercial? According to USA Today, it’s Hyundai with their Sixth Sense spot:

#7. Hyundai — Sixth Sense

Hyundai was the only automotive company to land in the top 10 of USA Today’s annual Ad Meter survey, but Volkswagen, Chrysler, and Chevrolet nabbed 11th, 12th, and 13th place:

#11. Volkswagen — 100,000 Miles/Wings

#12.Chrysler — America’s Import

#13. Chevrolet — Romance

Maybe it’s just a reflection of my maturity level, but I think Volkswagen’s is my favorite of them all! The first 3/4ths was already great, and then to top that with rainbows shooting out of their butts? Amazing.

Here are how the remaining car commercials fared. Luckily, none of them were in the bottom 5!

#15. Hyundai — Nice

#16. Kia — Luxury

#21. Toyota Highlander — Joyride

#22. Audi — Doberhuahua

#23. Chevrolet — Life

#24. Jaguar — British Villains

#33. Honda — Hugfest

#36. Jeep — Restlessness

#43. Maserati — Strike

#49. Ford — No Ordinary Commercial

Which one was your favorite?

  • Jennifer

    While I, too, loved the Volkswagen one, I still enjoy the Chrysler pride commercials. There’s something about them that gets me…in the heart. I did think the Bob Dylan appearance we iffy but the whole built-in-America theme resonates with me.