Best Traffic Apps for iPhone

When it comes to driving apps for your iPhone, you got your usual suspects — Apple Maps and Google Maps. But some of the best traffic apps for iPhone are lesser known apps with unique functionality. Here’s my personal list of the best iOS apps for driving. (If you have an android phone, you’ll have to wait for someone else to write that post — I’m an apple guy to … Continue reading

Virtual Reality Technology? Try Volvo Reality

If this isn’t your first time at the blog, you may already know about my obsession with car apps and car technology. And I gotta say, I love Volvo’s virtual reality technology app — Volvo Reality — designed for Google Cardboard. I was lucky enough to nab a free Volvo-branded Google Cardboard while they were available, and once it came in the mail I assembled it, downloaded the Volvo … Continue reading

Need a plow? There’s an app for that.

There’s a new app in town, and it’s called Plowz. The makers of the app call it “A Wintertime Chore Made Easy.” Bloomberg calls it “Uber for Snowplows”. Me? I just think of Plowz, and its companion app Mowz (I’ll give you one guess… yeah, it’s like Uber for lawnmowers), are the latest examples of how apps are connecting people willing to do some sort of drudgery with people who … Continue reading

4 Driving Apps for 2014

As we say sayonara to 2014, I wanted to take one last look at the apps that caught RightTurn’s eye this year. Here are my top 4 apps or app-centric technologies this year.* Android Auto Apple CarPlay Dash Uber Have you used any of these?         *RightTurn is not a sponsor and is not affiliated with any of these apps.

Tire Pressure? There’s an App for That!

I’ve extolled the importance of checking your tire pressure before. Well, thanks to a new crowdfunded invention, monitoring your pressure could get a lot easier. It’s called Fobo Tire, and it’s a sensor that constantly monitors your tire pressure, sending that information to your smartphone or in-car receiver. The inventors promise it’s intuitive and easy to use: Do-It-Yourself (DIY) – and install FOBO Tire in less than 5 minutes without … Continue reading

My Car Is Plenty Fast, But It’s So Slow

Upsettingly slow. And I’m not talking about how fast it can travel. I’m referring to its technological progression. I was asked an interesting question the other day that pertains to my gripe. That question: Why does my car have such bad data and communication technology even though it’s 1,000 times the size of my phone? When you think about it like that, it is a bit strange that our vehicles, … Continue reading

Dash, the “Fitbit for Cars” — Two Months Later

Back in July, I started using Dash, the “Fitbit for cars” smartphone app that syncs with your car (read my initial post about it here). And now that I’ve used it for just about two months, I wanted to take a closer look and see if it’s had any affect on my driving habits or provided any other value beyond giving me a bunch of numbers to look at (which … Continue reading

RightTurn Takes Dash “Fitbit for Cars” Driving App for a Spin

As I’ve admitted here on the RightTurn blog before, I’m a nerd: a techie nerd, science nerd, tire nerd… so let’s just add one more to the list while we’re at it: data nerd. Yes, I admit it. I make spreadsheets and charts just for fun. Numbers, statistics, research, I soak it all up. So it’s no surprise that I’m pretty interested in the whole “quantified self” thing. Smartphones and … Continue reading

Travel Apps Get a Boost at SXSW Interactive Accelerator

When you think SXSW (South by Southwest, or South By), you might think indie rock bands turned next big things. But the annual Austin, Texas festival is so much more than that. It’s also an opportunity to showcase innovation in everything we do, which includes how we travel. Think about it. 10 years ago, you were probably highlighting a paper map or having a trip itinerary printed out. When’s the … Continue reading