cars with faces

Illustrated cars with faces! Try to find yours.

Someone here at RightTurn stumbled across this Cars with Faces post at imgur. I found my Nissan Juke! Can you find your car in this awesome series of illustrated car faces? View post on I’m not a big Redditor, but apparently you can even request your own drawn car face at /r/Drawncarfaces. You don’t even need to see illustrations to be able to see how cars can have faces. … Continue reading

dirty car art

One’s Dirty Car is Another’s Blank Canvas

I’ve been both the victim and perpetrator of writing on a dirty car. But dirty car artists are ditching the banal WASH MEs and anatomical symbols for veritable masterpieces. Who knew dirt could look so dazzling? Scott Wade, “The Dirty Car Artist” (or “the DaVinci of Dust” to some) seems to be the one who put dirty car art on the map. The son of an amateur cartoonist, he’s been … Continue reading

Potholes. Glorious Potholes.

You’re probably confused. Why in the world would I call potholes glorious? That’s easy. I’m not saying it as a driver. I’m saying this as someone who appreciates the arts. Still confused? What would lead me to say anything nice about these nerve-racking, tire-damaging nuisances responsible for a large part of the $80 billion per year in repair costs of driving on roads in “poor” to “mediocre” conditions? The recent work … Continue reading

7 Uses for Recycled Tires

After tires wear out, they don’t have to become just another part of a pile in a landfill. There are several uses for recycled tires. These applications make sure that the rubber and other materials used in tires don’t go to waste after their treads wear out. Here are 7 of our favorite ways to reuse tires: 1. Clothing Artists and designers have been using recycled items to make clothing … Continue reading