National Relaxation Day — 3 Ways to Relax while Driving

What started out as “National Slacker Day” in Britain back in 2001 has become “National Relaxation Day” here in the States — a day to focus on our minds, on our breathing, on reducing our stress levels. Relaxation and mindfulness exercises are increasingly popular, but today I want to hone in on what we can do on National Relaxation Day in terms of driving. Some folks like me don’t mind driving … Continue reading

Virtual Traffic Lights

Cut Your Commute in Half with Virtual Traffic Lights

I’m a Michigan driver. Some call us “bad drivers” but I think “efficient” is more accurate. We have somewhere to go, and we want to get there. And if you’re driving slow in the fast lane or waving us on at a four-way stop when it was your turn in the first place (you’re not being polite, you’re just wasting everyone’s time), you’re going to drive us fricking insane. But … Continue reading

“License and registration, please.”

“But, Officer, I wasn’t driving. My car was.” That might seem like an outlandish exchange, but with driverless cars becoming a reality, it might not be impossible in the near future. Especially because of new legislation popping up in states around the US. Driving Without a License While public opinion is still up in the air about autonomous vehicles, as you can see in this recent article on The Right … Continue reading

Want to Drive like James Bond? It’ll Only Cost You $33 Million

For $33 million, you could own nearly 60 iconic James Bond vehicles: Aston Martins (including the DB5 featured in Goldeneye and the DBS from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service), BMWs, an Audi A5 and Land Rover Defender from Skyfall, and even a tank! Check out the collection at The collection is currently housed at the Miami Auto Museum and owned by Michael Dezer, a real estate developer. Dezer is … Continue reading

Sunday’s Best Automotive Ads

We all know who won the game, but which automaker had the best commercial? According to USA Today, it’s Hyundai with their Sixth Sense spot: #7. Hyundai — Sixth Sense Hyundai was the only automotive company to land in the top 10 of USA Today’s annual Ad Meter survey, but Volkswagen, Chrysler, and Chevrolet nabbed 11th, 12th, and 13th place: #11. Volkswagen — 100,000 Miles/Wings #12.Chrysler — America’s Import #13. Chevrolet … Continue reading

Pirelli Quiets Down Tires from Inside

There’s nothing new about tire companies offering tires with a “smooth, quiet ride.” Many passenger tires fit this bill today. Many tire makers have proprietary technologies to deal with the noise from vibrations caused by the tire tread pattern rolling against the road — and they work. But one tire maker is taking this a step further to address customer demand for a quiet ride and tightening European Union regulations … Continue reading

Bad Drivers — A Thing of the Past?

What if there weren’t any bad drivers on the road? We all know the experience: you’re driving along enjoying some tunes and then someone cuts you off unexpectedly. Or the driver speeds up to pass you only to get in front of you and slow down. According to some, thanks to self-driving cars, this could be a thing of the past. Last month, we wrote about Audi’s Pilot Parking System, … Continue reading

Your Personal Valet

On our Facebook page, we recently asked “If you could snap your fingers and give your car any feature, what would it be?” How about your own valet service? At the International Consumer Electronics Show, Audi unveiled its Pilot Parking System on the Audi A7. The car literally drops you off and drives off to find a parking spot. When you’re ready, your car comes back and picks you up … Continue reading