3 Powerful Women Driving the Auto Industry

Women continue to tear down stereotypes and shatter the glass ceiling, and the auto industry is no exception. Once a “male only” field, women continue to climb the ranks and a handful have conquered the industry at the top. We are thrilled to see more female executives emerge as key players at the table rather than just models in sports car advertisements. Beyond Glass Ceilings When it comes to female … Continue reading

average makeup of a car

What Are Cars Made Of? See For Yourself

Ever asked yourself what are cars made of? Metal is the obvious answer, and it’s true that most of what cars are made out of is metal, but there’s all sorts of other stuff in that car or truck of yours—plastics, rubbers, textiles, and more. Here’s an illustrated look at all the materials used in auto manufacturing. Source: http://www.plastics-car.com/lightvehiclereport