“License and registration, please.”

“But, Officer, I wasn’t driving. My car was.” That might seem like an outlandish exchange, but with driverless cars becoming a reality, it might not be impossible in the near future. Especially because of new legislation popping up in states around the US. Driving Without a License While public opinion is still up in the air about autonomous vehicles, as you can see in this recent article on The Right … Continue reading

How Do You Feel About Driverless Cars?

Mot of us have seen The Jetsons and are still dreaming about steering flying cars on our way to cool intergalactic hangouts. But would you really be okay with that? A survey recently conducted by Insurance.com suggests that Americans might be hesitant with that. In fact, the survey says that driverless cars, which are a lot closer to reality than flying cars, are a hard concept for drivers in the … Continue reading