Car cup holders

From Car Cup Holders to Kickstarter—A Beverage Day Tangent

So it’s Beverage Day, apparently. Sure, it’s a fake, made-up holiday with no real history or purpose. But it got me thinking about the relationship between beverages and cars. So many of us bring drinks along when we hop into the car—a cup of Starbucks on the way to work, a bottle of water for a road trip, a protein shake before the gym, or even a jumbo-sized 100 oz. … Continue reading

How Are Wheels and Cinco de Mayo Related?

Lime wheels, that is. A cold margarita (virgin if you’re driving) is the perfect drink for Cinco de Mayo. And a lime wheel is the perfect garnish. Plus, it’s dead easy to make lime wheels. Take a lime, slice it into wheels, give each wheel a little notch, and slide them onto a salty rim. That’s how I’ve always done it anyway. But then I watched this video about how to … Continue reading