Wow. Much Speed. Such Fast.

If that headline meant nothing to you, then you aren’t familiar with Doge. And that means you probably aren’t familiar with Dogecoin. Or the impact that both are having on NASCAR right now. In brief, Doge is a meme popularized in part by the website It has a long and strange history, but to sum it up, it’s a picture of a dog. Hence the origin of its purposely … Continue reading

Would You Buy a Car with Bitcoins?

Or do you even know what bitcoins are? Long story short, a bitcoin is a digital currency. You purchase bitcoins with real money, and you get digital money in return to spend wherever bitcoins are accepted. Many people spend bitcoins online, but a number of brick-and-morter retailers are starting to accept them. This bitcoin business is new territory and has a lot of people confused, but that isn’t stopping some … Continue reading