Firestone tires

Brand Spotlight: Firestone

The Foundations What made Akron, Ohio so popular for tires? Why is it “The Rubber Capital of the World?” I can’t really say, but just a short time after Goodyear planted its roots there, The Firestone Tire & Rubber Company set up shop in the small city too. It was 1900, and Harvey Firestone, an early automotive enthusiast, saw an opportunity to make the auto industry better. From the beginning, … Continue reading

Tire Deals for March 2015

Just like last month, Infiniti drivers can save $150 instantly when you buy four new tires, but March brings a number of other deals that all drivers can enjoy! Just in time, too, ’cause April showers will be here in no time. Infiniti: $150 Instant Savings Goodyear & Dunlop: $60 Cash Back Bridgestone: $70 Cash Back (Starts March 15) BFGoodrich: Up to $70 Cash Back (Starts  March 16) Pirelli: $60 Cash Back (Starts … Continue reading

Tire Pressure? Who Cares?

With cold weather upon us, we should all be paying attention to our air pressure. A tire can lose one pound per square inch when the temperature drops 10º and losing as little as 5 psi can compromise safety. For more tire pressure info, check this out. But imagine never having to worry about your tire pressure again! Sounds like a dream come true, right? Bridgestone is trying to make … Continue reading

How Are Tires Helping to Fight Ebola?

So the Ebola virus has been getting a lot of attention lately, and for obvious reasons. Even though it isn’t nearly as contagious as other diseases, Ebola is a gruesome disease that people are increasingly fearful of. So what do Firestone tires have to do with it? It turns out Bridgestone is donating $1 million to help combat the Ebola outbreak in Liberia and Nigeria. Firestone is a Bridgestone subsidiary, … Continue reading

RubberDucks Represent “Rubber City” Akron, Ohio

What is your city known for? If you live in Akron, it’s known for rubber. Home of the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. world headquarters, one of Bridgestone’s Technical Centers, and a slew of other companies in the polymer industry, Akron truly is the Rubber City. And this is exactly how the minor league baseball team formerly known as the Akron Aeros got its new name: the Akron RubberDucks. I’ll … Continue reading

Harvesting Tires from Dandelions

Rubber is a natural resource that’s having trouble keeping up with the demand from the growing tire industry. That’s tough music to face for manufacturers and consumers since it makes up 25% or more of the weight of a tire. As demand for the commodity continues to outstrip supply, rubber industry researchers have had their eyes on an unlikely complement to rubber trees in worldwide rubber production – the Russian … Continue reading