best time to buy tires

When is the Best Time to Buy Tires?

With tire manufacturers frequently offering rebates, some people might think there is a best time of year to buy tires and be enticed to make purchases during spring or fall when promotions are running. That might not be the best idea if you’re considering riding on low tread depth just to make it to a seasonal discount. That’s like waiting until tomorrow to eat dinner when you’re hungry today because … Continue reading

Low-Profile Tires Aren’t Keeping a Low Profile

If the idea was to stay out of the public eye, low-profile tires aren’t doing a very good job. Maybe we should think of a new name. Low-profile tires give the customers a larger wheel for a more fashionable aesthetic. And one thing I know to be true about life is that looking good is pretty important. Especially when it comes to our cars. What is A Low-Profile Tire? A … Continue reading

There Are Many Types of Tires to Choose From. Find Your Mate.

Have you been unlucky in tire love? Do you always end up going out with the wrong types of tires? You know those kinds of outings, when you feel less secure and that there’s a good chance it might become flat. We know it’s extremely difficult to get set up with the perfect match. So that’s why we created Millions of people are searching for that perfect tire online. … Continue reading

winter tires vs all season

Winter Tires vs. All-Season Tires

If you’re looking for the best snow tires, you might not find what you’re looking for. “Snow tires” is a term that’s a bit misleading. As one of RightTurn’s resident tire experts, and your inside source to all things tires, “winter tires” is a much more accurate description. You don’t need to drive on snow to experience the benefits of winter tires. All-season tires stiffen at temperatures below 45 degrees. … Continue reading

Free Kittens at*

Buy tires, get a free kitten!*

If you haven’t heard, this April at it’s raining cats & dogs, & tire deals! And as part of our biggest sale ever, we’re (gently) throwing in a free kitten with select sets of new tires.* In addition to our April deals worth up to $250 off, get a free kitten* when you buy four RightTurn-brand tires.* Available breeds include: Shop for tires and free kittens* now: * … Continue reading

What Do You Love about Tires?

Come on, there has to be something! Here’s what we love about tires… Great tires + gravity make a winning team. – Jim G. The feelings of confidence and safety on the road. (When they are new tires!) – Anna D. I love when I don’t know they are there. I love a quiet and smooth ride. – Ben R. I love that tires are truly the only thing between … Continue reading

Monthly Tire Promotions
December 2013

December is here and so are our monthly tire promotions! It’s crazy to think that these are the last promotions of 2013. Time flies when you’re having fun. Promotions by Tire Bridgestone Buy a set of 4 Bridgestone tires and receive a $50 Visa® Prepaid Card. Ends 12.31 Goodyear/Dunlop Buy a set of 4 Goodyear or Dunlop tires and get up to an $80 Visa® Prepaid Card. Ends 12.31 Kumho … Continue reading

Monthly Tire Promotions
November 2013

Take advantage of November promotions and find your tires! Promotions by Tire BFGoodrich Buy a set of 4 BFGoodrich tires and receive a $50 MasterCard® Reward Card. Ends 12.2 Bridgestone Buy a set of 4 Blizzak winter tires and receive a Reebok® Performance Jacket. Plus, there’s a contest where you can win the cost of your tires. See form for full details. Ends 11.30 Goodyear/Dunlop Buy a set of 4 … Continue reading

Monthly Tire Promotions
September 2013

Buying tires is easier with these promotions available on See what’s right for you. Find your tires! Promotions by Tire Bridgestone Buy 4 select Bridgestone tires and get a $70 Visa Prepaid Card or a $100 GameStop Gift Card. Select Bridgestone Potenza models are also eligible for a Bridgestone Performance Football. Ends 9.30 General Buy a set of 4 select General tires and get up to a $70 Visa … Continue reading

Monthly Tire Promotions
July 2013

Enjoy the Ride Promotion Receive a $100 Visa Reward Card when you buy and install any 4 tires. Combine this promotion with any of the following for a seriously good deal on buying tires! While supplies last. See for details. Promotions by Tire BFGoodrich Buy 4 select BFGoodrich tires and get a $50 MasterCard Reward Card. Ends 7/27 Goodyear and Dunlop Buy select Goodyear or Dunlop tires and get … Continue reading