Skip the Tie — 4 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Car-Lovin’ Dad

Even though I love the kitsch of a classic “World’s Greatest Dad” t-shirt, I think it’s time to step your game up when it comes to Father’s Day gift ideas this year. Your car-lovin’ dad will appreciate any gesture. Dads are like that. And that’s why we love them. When I was 14, my dad let me drive his car for the first time. We were in the high school … Continue reading

The Lazy Person’s Guide to the Cleanest Car Ever

I hate washing my car and admittedly do it all too infrequently. So what’s the best way to do it? Let the paint do the work. With the help of UltraTech International Inc, Nissan has developed the first “self-cleaning” car with nano-paint technology that repels just about everything. Ultra-Ever Dry is a super-hydrophobic (water-hating, loathing, despising even) solution that can potentially be used as an aftermarket application. The technology provides … Continue reading

What’s the Best Kind of Car Wash?

“Wash me.” We’ve all seen this helpful hint etched into a layer of dust on a stranger’s (or maybe our own) car. When your car gets grimy, what’s your go-to routine? Do you run it through the laser wash? Swing by the gas station for an automated scrub-down? Or maybe you’re the type of vehicle owner who hand washes, waxes, and dries your masterpiece. There are pros and cons to … Continue reading