Tire Pressure & Cold Weather

Tire pressure, cold weather — how are the two related? With most things in life, cold temps cause shrinkage. There are a few exceptions (water expands when freezing into ice, hot water shrinks clothes). But most things shrink when cold. This includes air, which also means the air in your tires. The inflation pressure of your tires is affected by temperature changes — by roughly 1 pound of pressure for … Continue reading

Tire Pressure? Who Cares?

With cold weather upon us, we should all be paying attention to our air pressure. A tire can lose one pound per square inch when the temperature drops 10º and losing as little as 5 psi can compromise safety. For more tire pressure info, check this out. But imagine never having to worry about your tire pressure again! Sounds like a dream come true, right? Bridgestone is trying to make … Continue reading