Be Late For Something Day

3 Great Reasons for Being Late for Work (On Purpose)

We’ve all had those mornings where we woke up late or just lost track of time, and the stress of scrambling to get to work on time is the opposite of fun. But sometimes, it’s a good idea to be late for work on purpose. Here’s why. Be Late for Work So You Can Exercise Many of us want to get in shape or stay in shape but can’t ever … Continue reading

Virtual Traffic Lights

Cut Your Commute in Half with Virtual Traffic Lights

I’m a Michigan driver. Some call us “bad drivers” but I think “efficient” is more accurate. We have somewhere to go, and we want to get there. And if you’re driving slow in the fast lane or waving us on at a four-way stop when it was your turn in the first place (you’re not being polite, you’re just wasting everyone’s time), you’re going to drive us fricking insane. But … Continue reading

Traffic Jam Etiquette

Ever get into one of those traffic jams that happen for seemingly no reason? Seriously, why is everybody stopped? There’s no accident. There’s no backed up exit. What is it? Did everyone just decide all at once that it would be fun to slow down my commute? I’m going to be late for my morning meeting, and my boss is going to put this on my permanent record, and the … Continue reading