Brand Spotlight: Continental Tire

What do tires and a rampant horse have to do with each other? Continental Tire, that’s what. In 1882, eleven years after Continental was founded, the tire company adopted the “rampant horse” as their logo. And it’s an appropriate logo for a company that’s devoted to helping your car get the most powerful, exciting performance it can. When the Rubber Met the Road Continental Tire was founded in 1871 in … Continue reading

I Got a New Car! I Got a New Car! I Got a New Car! I Got a New Car!

So, yes, last week I got a new car: a 2013 Nissan Rogue S with the Special Edition package. I said good-bye to my 2003 Saturn Ion 3, which I loved. It was time: the gas pedal was sticking, and the brakes weren’t braking. And since I’m expecting a baby in early June, I had to buy a car that would make me feel safer. My considerations for buying my … Continue reading

Continental Collaborates on Remembrance Rescue Project

The 12th anniversary of 9/11 was just a couple of weeks ago. Most of us remember where we were when we first heard the news, and we commemorate the day each year. The nonprofit group Remembrance Rescue Project works to keep the events of 9/11 and the efforts of the heroic first responders top of mind for Americans who were too young to understand or who were born after 9/11. … Continue reading