It’s “I Am In Control Day” — But are your tires?

April showers are on their way, and you know what that means for roads: slippery conditions. And since today is “I Am In Control Day” (I’m sure you already knew this), I wanted to look at one important aspect of control: how well your tires are in control. Spring is a perfect time to get new tires that can handle the rain, but did you know that even brand new … Continue reading

New from Continental: In-Tire Tread Depth Sensors

It’s no surprise that tires have a big impact on a vehicle’s safety. Inflation pressure alone is so important that all new vehicles require a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) to warn drivers if their tires are severely underinflated. But when it comes to a tire’s tread depth—just as crucial to safety as inflation pressure—there’s no automatic way for drivers to receive notifications when their tires are worn. It’s up to … Continue reading

Kumho Launches New Self-Sealing Tire

Not many things grind your day to a halt like getting a flat tire. The few times I’ve gotten one, it sent my stress level from 0 to 60 in no time… flat. So imagine my excitement when I read that Kumho was launching South Korea’s first self-sealing tire. Unlike normal run-flat tires, which let you to keep driving slowly but will still require repair or replacement, Kumho’s new tire automatically … Continue reading

Continental Breaks Speed Records

With the help of specially engineered Continental tires, Colin Braun and the Michael Shank Racing Ford EcoBoost-powered Daytona Prototype broke both the 10-mile and 10-kilometer world speed records from a standing start this past October. The former records, held by Hans Leibold since May 5, 1979: 10-mile speed: 208.316 mph 10-km speed: 320.422 kph The new records, set by Colin Braun on October 9, 2013: 10-mile speed: 210.017 mph 10-km speed: … Continue reading

Continental Collaborates on Remembrance Rescue Project

The 12th anniversary of 9/11 was just a couple of weeks ago. Most of us remember where we were when we first heard the news, and we commemorate the day each year. The nonprofit group Remembrance Rescue Project works to keep the events of 9/11 and the efforts of the heroic first responders top of mind for Americans who were too young to understand or who were born after 9/11. … Continue reading

Renewable Tires By 2020?

I’m feeling like we’re on the cutting edge here at The Right Lane. We’ve brought you a few articles focused on environmentally friendly endeavors in the automotive world. Automakers are actively reducing manufacturing waste, and green tires are on the rise. We’ve even written about tires made from dandelions. Now, executives at Continental Tire have given us an estimated timeline. Boris Mergell, head of material and process engineering says that … Continue reading

Marathon Runners Get a Little Help from Tires

When I think of Adidas, I can’t help but think of Run-D.M.C. and their Adidas. (In fact, I couldn’t get through this article without listening to “My Adidas.” Twice.) The next thing that comes to my mind is all-around slick streetwear. I know they make sports gear, but I thought that was generally confined to soccer, basketball, and football. That’s why I was incredibly surprised to learn that they make … Continue reading

Monthly Tire Promotions
May 2013

Here are the tire promotions on for May! Promotions by Tire Continental Tires Buy 4 Continental tires and get a $100 Adidas Gift Card. Total purchase value, including mount and balance, must be $499 or more. 5/13 – 6/10 Goodyear and Dunlop Tires Buy select Goodyear and Dunlop tires and get a mail-in rebate up to $80. (Rebate amount depends on the tire.) Ends 5/31 Hankook Tires Buy select … Continue reading