Like roller coasters? You’ll love Tesla’s “Insane Mode”

Tesla has a habit of making headlines, but one recent development that hasn’t gotten quite as much attention is “Insane Mode”. The Tesla Model S comes with different battery packages, and accordingly different performance specs. Larger batteries offer longer range and higher tip speed, but it’s the 0-60 speed that people are going insane over: Tesla Model S: 0-60 Mph Times 60 (60 kWh Battery): 5.9 seconds 85 (85 kWh … Continue reading

20 Cars that Get the Most Traffic Tickets

Have you gotten a speeding ticket in the last three years? I have—thanks to one of those darned automatic traffic enforcement cameras (which were recently voted down here in Cleveland and may soon be eliminated throughout most of Ohio). That puts me in the 19.9% of drivers with a traffic violation in the last three years, according to this article. That’s for all vehicle models, and I read up … Continue reading

The Evolution of Cop Cars

Watch for a special surprise on our Facebook page tomorrow! If you miss it, check out the blog on Friday. And now for our regularly scheduled article… We all know the familiar flashing blue and red lights of a city police squad car. Some of us have seen those lights in our rearview mirrors more than others. Although the sirens and lights of a police cruiser are unmistakable, the cars … Continue reading