Best Traffic Apps for iPhone

When it comes to driving apps for your iPhone, you got your usual suspects — Apple Maps and Google Maps. But some of the best traffic apps for iPhone are lesser known apps with unique functionality. Here’s my personal list of the best iOS apps for driving. (If you have an android phone, you’ll have to wait for someone else to write that post — I’m an apple guy to … Continue reading

A Spring Playlist for You

One of my favorite aspects of driving (on awesome tires) is rolling down the windows, cranking up some tunes, and feeling freedom. For those of us living relatively normal lives, I’m not sure there’s anything more freeing. It can actually make a drive to the grocery store a pleasure! Spring Driving Playlist Enjoy this and other playlists of ours by following RightTurnNow on Spotify. Since spring represents a time of renewal, I … Continue reading


Vinli is Almost Here!

Last September, former RightTurn blogger Jeff wrote about Vinli, a device that claims to add new technology to old cars. Being the data nerd that I am, I went ahead and preordered a Vinli that very same day. At that time, there were two versions of Vinli. I went with the $50 Vinli Basic version that would connect my car to my smartphone. I wasn’t ready to fork out $150 … Continue reading

Have You Caused an Accident?

Typically when I get behind the wheel, I have a little ritual I run through. Put seatbelt on, make sure my cargo is secure, get my phone out to map my route, and I usually turn on Pandora to my Justin Timberlake station. Then off I go, thinking very little that my trip will result in my safe arrival at my destination. I’m a huge proponent of no texting and … Continue reading

Drive Safely This Thanksgiving

There’s plenty to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Getting together with loved ones to indulge in turkey and stuffing is something most of us look forward to every year. Whether your favorite part of the holiday is watching the big parade, preparing the meal, or gobbling it up, we’re sure you’re anticipating a great get-together this year. If you plan on driving this week or next, please be safe behind … Continue reading