recycled tires

Let’s Hear It for Recycled Tires

I know what you’re thinking — how on earth can we celebrate ecological sustainability with tires? Thank goodness we are here to help. Tires are essential to your driving safety, and everyone from the automotive companies to the tire manufacturers — and those of us in between — are committed to keeping the earth as healthy as possible. That’s why we’ve written so many articles about sustainability. Here’s a handy … Continue reading

2015 fuel efficient cars and fuel efficient tires

2015 Most Fuel Efficient Cars and Tires – 2015 Earth Day

I think cars get a bad rap sometimes. Gas-powered vehicles may not be the most environmentally friendly transportation option, but look at all the technological advances that are happening, from electric cars to hybrids to hydrogen power. With hundreds of millions of vehicles in the US, change takes time. Not to mention I like road trips way too much to settle for an electric car that can’t even get me … Continue reading