2016 Chicago auto show

2016 Chicago Auto Show Highlights

It’s auto show season! It might still be chilly where you live, but I always know that when the car show comes around, it means we’re making the fourth turn and speeding straight toward summertime. The Chicago Auto Show is the largest auto show in all of North America and has been up and running since 1901. If you love history and cars and Chicago, check out the Chicago Auto … Continue reading

Can Apple Really Change the World (Again)?

Is Apple® trying to build a car? Considering they create, spread, and discredit rumors about their own projects, who really knows? But after a few mysterious sightings of Apple minivans with cameras roaming streets throughout the nation, many speculate an iCar is closer than we think. Car experts advise against Apple even considering a venture that would produce an autonomous electric car in all of its Apple-y goodness. Dan Akerson, … Continue reading

Introducing the Salt Water Powered Car

We’ve written about tires made of sugar, so it shouldn’t surprise you that we’re now telling you about a salt water powered car. But first let’s be clear. The car is actually an electric car. It’s just that the electricity is generated using salt water. And apparently, it’s now certified to be driven on European roads. The company is nanoFlowcell AG based in Liechtenstein (a country whose history, by the … Continue reading

3 Ways Tesla May Be Driving the Future

The Tesla evolution continued last week with the unveiling of its new and improved Model S: the Dual Motor Model S. According to published reports, the long-awaited follow-up is pretty amazing. First, this electric car has dual motors, available with either a 60 kWh or an 85 kWh battery. Not only is it more efficient than its predecessor, but according to Tesla, it also “has the most capable road holding … Continue reading

GM Takes Hybrid Technology Upscale

General Motors introduced the Cadillac ELR concept at the Detroit Auto Show. This new electric vehicle has the same battery and gasoline generator as the Chevrolet Volt. Who knew you could save the environment and drive in style at the same time? On top of all that, you’ll also have something special with the ELR — GM says it’ll be produced in limited quantities to make it unique for owners. … Continue reading

Michelin Challenge Design Showcases Innovation

Automotive designers are in a constant struggle to increase the fuel efficiency of their vehicles these days. To help answer that need, Michelin invited creative designers worldwide to reinvent not just the wheel but the whole car. The Michelin Challenge Design, a yearly event created by Michelin North America, Inc., is about way more than tires. It’s a contest that challenges designers to come up with vehicle concepts that accomplish … Continue reading

Coming Soon to a Parking Lot Near You

A few days ago, I headed to a local mall and got a pleasant surprise — other than finally finding a pair of jeans that makes me look like I actually have hips. On my way through the parking lot, I noticed something that I’d never seen in person before. Next to the parking spaces reserved for the disabled and the maternity spaces, there were four reserved spaces with one … Continue reading