What’s Driving New Technology in the Auto Industry?

Modern automobiles have come a long way in recent years when it comes to autonomous safety features and adaptive driving capabilities. Whereas power door locks and windows were a pretty big deal just 20 years ago, automotive technology continues to outpace itself. Compared to the following five innovations, however, even the back-up cameras and anti-collision braking systems of today can be considered to be rather low-tech. Self-Driving Systems In literal … Continue reading

Can Tires Charge a Car’s Battery?

Yes, if Goodyear has anything to say about it. Earlier this month at the Geneva Motor Show, they unveiled the Goodyear tire of the future — the BHO3. This concept aims to not only collect the energy generated by the tire as it rolls while you drive but also when parked: textured patches on the tire absorb heat and light from the sun, producing additional energy when the car is idle. Goodyear … Continue reading