Michelin Turns Yellowstone Green

This isn’t your usual “green tires” story. Michelin North America Inc. has just renewed a five-year partnership with Yellowstone National Park to help the park reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and its fleet and road maintenance budget. Michelin originally made the agreement to assist Yellowstone with its tire replacement needs after a 2007 study commissioned by the Yellowstone Park Foundation examined the park’s greenhouse gas levels. Michelin started the partnership … Continue reading

Where, Oh Where, Does the Rubber Go?

Throughout my time at RightTurn, one message in particular has been emphasized time and time again: tires do not last forever, so regularly check your tread depth! Of course this makes perfect sense, for the more you drive, the more your tires will wear. Just the other day, I saw a great example of worn tires while in a parking lot with my family. I noticed that the car next … Continue reading

Automakers Reduce Manufacturing Waste

By now you’ve heard of the efforts of car companies to amp up the fuel efficiency of their vehicles. The Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standard for 2025 is 54.5 mpg. A cut in emissions from gas would certainly do the environment some good, but it’s not the only thing automakers are doing to reduce their environmental impact. The effort to reduce the environmental impact of passenger vehicles starts at … Continue reading