There Are Many Types of Tires to Choose From. Find Your Mate.

Have you been unlucky in tire love? Do you always end up going out with the wrong types of tires? You know those kinds of outings, when you feel less secure and that there’s a good chance it might become flat. We know it’s extremely difficult to get set up with the perfect match. So that’s why we created Millions of people are searching for that perfect tire online. … Continue reading

Can Apple Really Change the World (Again)?

Is Apple® trying to build a car? Considering they create, spread, and discredit rumors about their own projects, who really knows? But after a few mysterious sightings of Apple minivans with cameras roaming streets throughout the nation, many speculate an iCar is closer than we think. Car experts advise against Apple even considering a venture that would produce an autonomous electric car in all of its Apple-y goodness. Dan Akerson, … Continue reading

How Old Tires Can Be Used for Earthquake Resistant Homes

Upcycling is the process of converting wasted or useless objects into new products. The concept is becoming more popular today because of its environmental advantages. Upcycling is well suited to address scrap tires since nearly 300 million car tires are being discarded every year. Re-Tread Products, Inc. has developed a new building material from old tires called the Tire LogÔ to help reduce the number of tires in landfills while … Continue reading

We Live in a Car-Eat-Car World

The popular “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” mantra is still being littered throughout our daily lives, but old car tires are still piling up. That may soon be changing, thanks to the auto industry’s cannibalistic new approach. Oak Ridge National Laboratory has found that the carbon black filler in old tires can be gobbled up and used to make lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles. The laboratory has its wheels in motion, so … Continue reading

Turning Plants into Tires

What would it be like to drive your car on tires made of plants? No, really. I mean it. Has anything in your history of knowing things suggest to you that this is a good idea? Biomass researchers are extracting rubber from sagebrush and dandelions to produce a smoothie-like sludge similar to a protein milkshake you might see a bodybuilder guzzle after a totally gnarly workout. And this eco-friendly rubber … Continue reading

Name 4 Ways Tires are Like Donuts

They’re both round (that’s one). They both have a hole in the center (two). They can both roll (three). Stumped for the fourth? If Michelin has a say, they’ll both contain sugar! Sugar? Yes, Michelin has partnered with sugar producer Tereos Group to create a tire using sugar. The two companies are working to transform “agricultural raw materials into alcohol to fuel the tire maker’s ‘BioButterfly’ [sic] biosourced butadiene production … Continue reading

Michelin Turns Yellowstone Green

This isn’t your usual “green tires” story. Michelin North America Inc. has just renewed a five-year partnership with Yellowstone National Park to help the park reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and its fleet and road maintenance budget. Michelin originally made the agreement to assist Yellowstone with its tire replacement needs after a 2007 study commissioned by the Yellowstone Park Foundation examined the park’s greenhouse gas levels. Michelin started the partnership … Continue reading

Harvesting Tires from Dandelions

Rubber is a natural resource that’s having trouble keeping up with the demand from the growing tire industry. That’s tough music to face for manufacturers and consumers since it makes up 25% or more of the weight of a tire. As demand for the commodity continues to outstrip supply, rubber industry researchers have had their eyes on an unlikely complement to rubber trees in worldwide rubber production – the Russian … Continue reading

Tires Look Good in Green

Are you looking for fuel-efficient, green tires? A report from Smithers Rapra says 28% of the tires on the market are green. By green, we mean the tires have low rolling resistance that makes them fuel efficient, or they were made from renewable or sustainable resources. Because of an increase in demand for green tires, their availability will only go up, according to the report. By 2017, Smithers Rapra expects … Continue reading

All Aboard the Green Bandwagon

Everywhere you look people and companies are going green or at least considering it. While that’s certainly true with manufacturers and consumers in the automotive industry, there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done to get automobiles up to speed in terms of eco-friendliness. A recent study by Hankook Tires found that only 3% of Americans own a hybrid or electric vehicle, and less than half would … Continue reading