Skip the Tie — 4 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Car-Lovin’ Dad

Even though I love the kitsch of a classic “World’s Greatest Dad” t-shirt, I think it’s time to step your game up when it comes to Father’s Day gift ideas this year. Your car-lovin’ dad will appreciate any gesture. Dads are like that. And that’s why we love them. When I was 14, my dad let me drive his car for the first time. We were in the high school … Continue reading

The Cleveland Auto Show Starts Tomorrow

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, there’s a great way to scope out your options: the Cleveland Auto Show. It’s at the International Exposition (I-X) Center March 7–15, and it’s only $13 to attend. I’ve gone to auto shows my whole life to see all the new cars, but I never really realized that people go there to look at their buying options. Which now that I … Continue reading