Heat’s Affect on Tires

Each year, we’re experiencing warmer summers with near unbearable temperatures. What’s that mean for tires? Hot temperatures and tires don’t mix well and can negatively impact your safety. Hot weather can weaken your tires and lead to failure. I know we all want a perfect 90-degree beach day, but that means roughly 150 degrees on the pavement. Not to mention, tire pressure can increase by up to 5 psi in … Continue reading

How Extreme Cold Affects Your Tires

Tires are exposed to harsh environmental conditions depending on your region, be it hot or cold. Not to mention the stress your driving can put on them in those conditions. Extreme heat adds stress to your tires and can result in a dangerous blowout while driving. Older tires are obviously more at risk, but you should always remember to check your tires for any cracking, underinflation, or damage of any … Continue reading

What Extreme Heat Does to Your Tires

It’s nice that summer is here and all, but what extreme heat does to your tires might surprise you. Because temperatures rocket up from mid-May through early October, it is said to be “tire blowout season.” And not for good tire deals. Typical summer days can heat up pavement to as much as 145 degrees. Not quite hot enough to fry an egg as the saying goes, but hot enough … Continue reading