3 Stupid Questions about Cars & Tires, Answered

When is Ask a Stupid Question Day? The answer is pretty stupid — either September 28, or the last school day of September (September 30 this year). This holiday is so stupid it doesn’t even know which day to fall on. But you know what ISN’T stupid? Questions about cars and tires that affect safety. So in the spirit of National Ask a Stupid Question day (the purpose of which is … Continue reading

Best Road Trip Songs — Apple Music Playlists with Songs about Driving

I’m a longtime Apple fan, so naturally I was excited about the recent launch of Apple Music. I’m loving it so far, and in honor of National Radio Day here’s a list of 24 Apple Music playlists for driving, featuring some of the best road trip songs and songs about driving. Americana Road Trip Music Americana Road Trip “True to its name, Americana often reflects the qualities of the land … Continue reading

Car cup holders

From Car Cup Holders to Kickstarter—A Beverage Day Tangent

So it’s Beverage Day, apparently. Sure, it’s a fake, made-up holiday with no real history or purpose. But it got me thinking about the relationship between beverages and cars. So many of us bring drinks along when we hop into the car—a cup of Starbucks on the way to work, a bottle of water for a road trip, a protein shake before the gym, or even a jumbo-sized 100 oz. … Continue reading

It’s “I Am In Control Day” — But are your tires?

April showers are on their way, and you know what that means for roads: slippery conditions. And since today is “I Am In Control Day” (I’m sure you already knew this), I wanted to look at one important aspect of control: how well your tires are in control. Spring is a perfect time to get new tires that can handle the rain, but did you know that even brand new … Continue reading