2015 fuel efficient cars and fuel efficient tires

2015 Most Fuel Efficient Cars and Tires – 2015 Earth Day

I think cars get a bad rap sometimes. Gas-powered vehicles may not be the most environmentally friendly transportation option, but look at all the technological advances that are happening, from electric cars to hybrids to hydrogen power. With hundreds of millions of vehicles in the US, change takes time. Not to mention I like road trips way too much to settle for an electric car that can’t even get me … Continue reading

Renewable Tires By 2020?

I’m feeling like we’re on the cutting edge here at The Right Lane. We’ve brought you a few articles focused on environmentally friendly endeavors in the automotive world. Automakers are actively reducing manufacturing waste, and green tires are on the rise. We’ve even written about tires made from dandelions. Now, executives at Continental Tire have given us an estimated timeline. Boris Mergell, head of material and process engineering says that … Continue reading

Pirelli Says a Tire Slim-Down Lies Ahead

Tall, skinny, and Italian. No, we’re not talking about high fashion models wearing the latest designs on Milan runways. Italian tire maker Pirelli says that’s the future of passenger tires. Pirelli Australia technical manager Simon Pool says the tires of the near future will be much taller and thinner than the tires we see on the roads today. The upcoming changes predicted by Pirelli come in response to tightening European … Continue reading