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Toyota Retains Its Crown as the World’s Top-Selling Automaker

Toyota’s Triumph 2015 marked the fourth straight year that Toyota reached the top spot as the world’s best-selling automaker. With 10.151 million vehicles sold in 2015, Toyota beat its own calculation of selling10.098 millions vehicles. Despite a 0.8 percent drop in total sales, Toyota managed to stay at the top through sales for its main brand, and nearly 800,000 sales for Japanese subsidies Daihatsu and Hino. With improvements from redesigned … Continue reading

Distracted Drivers: GM Has Its Eyes on You!

Have you ever read or written a text message while driving? Dangerous as it is, many of us have. General Motors is trying to curb this risky habit through facial recognition technology. Taking a quick peek at your phone behind the wheel may not seem so bad. It’s just a few seconds, right? But in those few seconds, you could drive the length of a football field without looking at … Continue reading

“iOS in the Car” Grows Up, Becomes “CarPlay”

The battle for mobile platform dominance in cars wages on. A recent post by Lara, Apple or Android?, discussed Google’s alliance with automakers to establish an Android-based standard. This came after Apple’s announcement of “iOS in the Car” back in June of 2013. But now Apple’s iOS-based standard is back in the news and with a much more Apple-esque name: CarPlay. Apple says that CarPlay will give drivers distraction-free access … Continue reading

General Motors Hires Car Industry’s First Female CEO

Big news in the auto industry yesterday, as General Motors named the industry’s first female chief marketing officer in Mary Barra. According to The Washington Post, Barra will officially take over on January 15. Barra is not new to GM. She started as a college intern and worked her way up. This story is making headlines not just in auto industry circles but all circles as it prompts general discussions … Continue reading