It’s not “Goodbye.” It’s “See You Later.”

Actually, it really is “goodbye.” But I hate that word! Not to mention that it doesn’t really feel like I’m leaving, per se. Yes, my time as a Right Lane blogger comes to an end today. However, unlike Jeff, I’m not taking a road trip across the country. I’m actually just going down the stairs and around the corner. I’m making a transition that’s really exciting for me. I’m going … Continue reading

Adios. Adieu. Goodbye.

And arrivederci, just in case. That’s right. My time at RightTurn is coming to an end. I’m moving to California. I’ll be running amongst the redwoods, surfing in Big Sur, and touring the taco truck circuit. My time at RightTurn has been quite the experience. It’s been fun. It’s been challenging. It’s been educational. I can’t emphasize that last one enough. I’ve learned a lot about tires and a lot … Continue reading